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Err message
+/- Err Exceed the LCD display range Load cell defective Load cell connection wire defective
+/-Err2/Unst Initial zero point exceeds +/-10% External interference
+/-Err3/Out2 AD/LCD defective There is load on the pan while powering on External interference
Err4/ErrE EEPROM Chksum failure
Err5/EEEEE Overload Load cell defective Calibration is needed
Err6/ErrC Calibration is needed
Err7 Wrong setting of the capacity or resolution
Err8 Wrong setting of unit
Err9 Wrong setting of the HI & LO value
LLLLL/HHHHH Offset value is too low or too high Load cell defective
Over Accumulation is over 99 Main board circuit defective