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JWI 700S Solar Energy Indicator

JWI 700S Solar Energy Indicator


  • Eco-Product; High efficiency and economical.
  • Large LCD display with green LED backlight.
  • Zero / Tare / Simple / Weighing / Simple counting / Accumulation / Net & Gross weight / Check weighing function.
  • Adjustable capacities, resolutions and parameters.
  • Supports to four analog load cells.
  • Power saving design with high efficiency and environment protection.
  • Convenient with three power options: Solar energy, Adapter, Li-ion Battery.
  • 4 pieces of high quality solar energy panels which can provide up to 200mA charging current.
  • It can work as long as there is sunlight (no need of direct radiation). And battery is under charging at the same time.
  • Li-ion battery can be repeatedly used with long service life
  • One charging of the Li-ion battery by solar energy can last for up to 300hours (without backlight)
  • Ideal for applications in outside market, production, packaging, warehouse, inventory, shipping and receiving areas or any other place where power supply is inconvenient.


Model JWI-700S
Resolution 1/15000
Weighing unit pcs / % / lb.oz / g / kg
Display 6digits, 30mm digit height, LCD display with green LED backlight
Power supply Solar energy; 2000mA Li-ion battery; 6V/300mA adapter
Dimension(mm) 274X170X117